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GNOME Shell Extensions

GNOME Shell Extensions is a collection of extensions providing additional and optional functionality to GNOME Shell.

Since GNOME Shell is not API stable, extensions work only against a very specific version of the shell, usually the same as this package (see "configure --version"). The extensions in this package are supported by GNOME and will be updated to reflect future API changes in GNOME Shell.

The GNOME wiki has more information about GNOME Shell Extensions, as well as some general information about GNOME Shell.

Bugs should be reported to the GNOME bug tracking system.


  • alternate-tab (OBSOLETE)

    Lets you use classic Alt+Tab (window-based instead of app-based) in GNOME Shell. This extension is obsolete since GNOME 3.30, see this blogpost for further details.

  • apps-menu

    Lets you reach an application using gnome 2.x style menu on the panel.

  • auto-move-windows

    Lets you manage your workspaces more easily, assigning a specific workspace to each application as soon as it creates a window, in a manner configurable with a GSettings key.

  • drive-menu

    Shows a status menu for rapid unmount and power off of external storage devices (i.e. pendrives)

  • launch-new-instance

    Changes application icons to always launch a new instance when activated.

  • native-window-placement

    An alternative algorithm for layouting the thumbnails in the windows overview, that more closely reflects the actual positions and sizes.

  • places-menu

    Shows a status Indicator for navigating to Places.

  • screenshot-window-sizer

    Adds a shortcut for resizing the focus window to a size that is suitable for GNOME Software screenshots

  • user-theme

    Loads a shell theme from ~/.themes//gnome-shell.

  • window-list

    Adds a bottom panel with a traditional window list.

  • windowsNavigator

    Allow keyboard selection of windows and workspaces in overlay mode.

  • workspace-indicator

    Adds a simple workspace switcher to the top bar.

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GNOME Shell Extensions are distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2 or later. See the COPYING file for details. Individual extensions may be licensed under different terms, see each source file for details.