The Kali Janitor is a Kali-optimized friendly instance of the Debian Janitor by Jelmer Vernooij.

Many thanks to everybody who has provided feedback and helped make the Janitor better.

Software Used

This project would not have been possible without several large efforts and projects across Debian:

  • Vcs Headers allow the finding the version control repositories.
  • Lintian and its archive-wide run make it possible to process packages with specific issues, without having to download the full archive.
  • UpstreamMetadata allows easily finding upstream repository locations.
  • UScan allows easily finding new upstream releases.
  • autopkgtest allows automated testing to ensure that built packages actually work.

Source Code

The janitor itself is mostly written in Python, using the following libraries and services:

  • python-debian for parsing of Debian-related files
  • The style for the website is based on Alabaster 0.7.8 theme for sphinx.
  • Breezy provides abstractions over the version control system (Git, Bazaar, Mercurial, Subversion) and the supported hosting platforms (GitHub, GitLab, Launchpad).
  • Lintian-brush is responsible for actually making changes to the packages.
  • Silver-Platter ties this all together; clones the packaging branches, invokes codemods (such as lintian-brush) and pushes back or creates merge proposals.
  • Diffoscope is used to show the diff between binary packages.

The source code is hosted on GitHub.


Please report bugs in the bug tracker.